I was thinking of something to blog, something worth writing, something worth reading.

What sustains you?

We all feel weary at some point of our lives. We feel lacking of things. It seems no thing can sustain it because after feeling not weary or feeling not lacking, at some point, we’ll feel it again. It’s a cycle, you know.

Midyear fasting, breakthroughs were expected to happen, more of God was experienced.
And gladly, I felt Him, I felt He is working. I felt not lacking, full of energy. Well, that’s God, that’s how the Holy Spirit works.

When I least expect it, He blessed me. The blessing was more physical. He blessed me with money. The mere fact that I was not expecting it, makes me amazed. It’s not about the money I was wowed but the fact that He sustains. As I always thought, July is the season of deficit, a season when it seems that everything are scarce. Scarce with money and scarce with peace. But God gave me a reason to not believe in my own created season.

‘With God we will not lack.’

I am at peace! Finally, for the first time on the month of July over the years, I felt peace! I don’t know how to describe how I am feeling. What I know is this: God sustains!

ย “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.”

Hebrew 1:3



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