Confidence to Nothing

Sometimes we become too confident of our relationship with God. As if nothing can go wrong. As if after we are saved, we’ll not be sinful again. Yes, too confident by knowing God is merciful and His gracious.


But today (04-28-13), as I watched this video, I’ve realized that most of us become cocky of God’s grace, too self-righteous and we become so judgmental to the lost.


To summarize it (I’m not good in summarizing because I always thought that everything is of equal importance), the gate opener who approves who will go in or not in heaven faces with the sinful creature. The so hopeful sinful creature wants to go in but the gate opener denied his request. But that’s not it, the gate opener seems to be enjoying the misery of the oh-so-hopeful sinful creature. But then the circumstance seems to not favoring the gate-opener. He fell. The hopeful creature helped him get up. But the gate-opener still has that hard heart, then he push the sinful creature down. In his amazement, he saw the sinful creature flying with wings and the gate opened, the creature entered. While, the gate-opener become the sinful one.


–That’s being confident of God’s favor. We are so at ease that whatever we do, God still loves us and we forget that we have a mission, a mission of leading the lost to God’s. We forget that we are not to judge people, weighing their sin because sin is still sin even how big or small it is. We are too ourselves that we forget to act like Jesus Christ, so humble and no mark of sin.


Now, I pray not to be self-righteous and judgmental. I pray that everything I’ll do will lead the lost to becoming the one for You. Lord, I oath to this day to submit the cockiness and confidence that are not pleasing to You. Lord God Father, please remind me this (because I am a forgetful person). Thank You and I love You. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Confidence to Nothing

  1. I agree. I want to share with you a verse in Ephesians 5:8

    For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light

    We were once like them. we were sinful. we hurt and offend God. We break His heart. we are nothing better than the people outside church. we did not take part in our salvation it was all God’s grace. thus, we have no right to judge or think we’re better than anyone else, whether church people or lost. But because God rescued us, we are to live like children of light. we are responsible now and accountable for the lives of the lost that God sends on our way. We will either help or break faith of other people based on how we live our life.


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