Realization (March 6, 2013)

“You don’t need to understand everything. It is simple as that.”

–a thought last March 6.

The past few weeks, I was reading the Book of Judges. It was so boring, really (Yes! I am a Christian yet I was bored by the story of Israelites sinning again and again against God). Chapters passed but I don’t understand anything, even a little bit, like I cannot grasp anything. I was confused because I believe that the Bible is the answer to everything yet here I am confused as ever. I thought God is not God of confusion but a God of clarity. But why is it I don’t understand a thing.

One day, that was last Wednesday (March 6), me and my friend was texting each other, catching up. Then she made me realize this:

I felt that God is telling me that even how many sins and wrongs I made, even if I turn my back to Him, He will never ever leave me UNTIL I AM DONE.

Yes! She made me realized that without her knowing anything about how I was bored reading Judges. Read Judges, so that you know what I am talking about. Here’s the glimpse of Judges. The Israelites were sinning against God, turning their back and worshiping other gods. God became furious, and then destruction fell onto them. After that the Israelites would be worshipping God again because they fear that destruction will fall again. But they will sin again… and it goes on and on. That’s the only thing I understand in every chapter…

See… I need not to know everything or understand a thing because everything has its season. I think by now, what I need to understand is this:

Our God is a patient God. He will never leave you until the day that you will be done. That’s what He did with the Israelites. Even though He became furious, He always ready to forgive and HE ALWAYS DO FORGIVE!


What do you think?

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