Patiently Waiting

As I was waiting for the train to come, I secretly observed everyone (while reading, yes, I am a certified multitasker), some were patiently waiting and most were becoming very impatient. From there I was inspired to write a poem/song about waiting.

Time goes slowly
People are in a hurry
One step, Tic-tac
Three steps, it’s over.

Clock is so still
But actually running
Over and over again.
Always waiting for nothing

Still patient,patiently remembering
Even hopelessly believing
Distracting and trusting
Yet always faithfully waiting

Patiently Waiting 02-23-13

This poem/song is not so literal one. I am patiently waiting…for what? ( Oh,gosh! Do I need to tell what I am patiently waiting for? Oh God!!!)… I am waiting for that one guy (oh my! Now I said it), that guy whom I will put my trust with, that guy whom I will share my Love with.

Time goes slowly, people are in a hurry:
As time goes by, I am still waiting for him. Some people are in hurry to find it, thus, they hurriedly enter in a relationship and end with a broken heart.

One step, tictac. Three steps, it’s over:
Well, as for me, I don’t like to be in a hurry in finding the right one, if it takes forever, I’ll be glad to wait for him even others say that it will be too late.

Clock is so still:
For others, if they’re not in a relationship, they find their life so boring.

But actually running:
And for me, what the heck? I can still enjoy my life even without it. I exist 21 years without feeling that craving for relationship, why must I indulge myself in thinking of it often?

Over and over again, always waiting for nothing:
But ( yeah… that big BUT), I still feel the craving for that relationship.

Still patient, patiently waiting. Even hopelessly believing. Distracting and trusting. Yet always faithfully waiting:
I am waiting, still waiting. Sometimes, I just lose hope (feels like I am called for single-blessedness… funny, right?) Yet, I trust God very much that my love story isn’t done yet, He’s still writing it carefully so that I will not get hurt. But as for now, I will just patiently and faithfully waiting for him.

Dear The One,

Yes, I will wait for you and please wait for me too… that halfway on our destination, we will meet and we will know that I am the one you are waiting for and you are the one I am waiting, patiently waiting for.

Sincerely yours,


2 thoughts on “Patiently Waiting

    • Hinihintay ko nga yung panahong maiinlove ako eh… tagal lang… naiinip na nga ko eh… but honestly, hindi ako in love…

      Haha… meron ako little black book but nawash away ng bagyo… ayan… nalulungkot na naman ako… naalala ko yung mga libro ko…. 😀


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