Status: In A Relationship

To those who know me very well, are you surprised to see that I am writing about relationship? To think that I am not a relatable person, don’t like attachments, and have this Great Wall of China surrounding me to keep people away from me. Well, guess what, I am writing about relationship :). But not the typical girlfriend-boyfriend thingy and not about family relationship. Instead, I am writing about the most unfathomable relationship a person can have… it’s the “me-and-God relationship.” Actually, I want to blog a different topic but instead my intuitive nature wants me to write about my relationship with God.

I know some of you are worrying not having someone to make your cold Christmas happy. Well if you are still looking, your eyes are seeing the wrong things. Some of you have someone but still there is that emptiness or still has that little space in your heart. Well, I think it is because you’re idea of Christmas is wrong.

Typically, when Christmas is approaching, I am not excited about the idea of giving gifts or even the idea of Christmas itself. But this year, I felt the excitement, the joy and an unexplainable feeling of happiness and it’s because this is the first Christmas that I will experience having a relationship with that someone who is the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

There are really many perks of having a relationship with Him (yes, so many that I think I cannot put all of those here). Well here are some:

  1. I am most likely to be open to LOVE other people. I experienced the LOVE of God and still experiencing it and I want others to experience it too through ME.
  2. I can openly tell people how excited I am to LOVE other people.
  3. I feel the confidence I once don’t have.
  4. I am waking each and every day feeling beautiful, important and wanted.
  5. I feel like a princess (Yes, I am a royal person)
  6. I am now willing to engage with people,
  7. And now I am starting to break down my walls.
  8. I feel blessed everyday (Imagine waking up each day for a reason and knows the reason why I wake and I can answer this question: “Para kanino ka bumabangon?”)

Well these are perks of having a Me-and-God relationship… unfathomable, unreachable, and indescribable. I LOVE GOD but HE LOVES ME more than I love Him. His promises… WOW! His gifts… WOW! 2000 years ago, He sacrificed His own Son. Yes, He did because He loves each one of us (Read: John 3:16). That cross is the symbol of His LOVE.

He loves me more than the sun and the stars and he taught me how to shine. I am his and I shine in his eyes. He loves me yesterday and today and tomorrow, He’ll say it again and again, He loves me more (This is from the song More by Matthew West, I just change some words here). The good news here is that HE LOVES YOU TOO.

Have you seen the mountains stretching a mile high? Have you seen the ocean far as your eyes can see? That’s how much God loves you!

I want you to experience it too.

Start today! Have a relationship to God for you to experience the love you wanted all along.


What do you think?

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